Miranda Amapola Decorative Artist

The portfolio of a decorative artist who incorporates natural and discarded materials in her work

Miranda Amapola is an Isle of Wight artist who makes use of natural and abandoned objects which have a history.

Miranda Amapola produces decorative guitars, button and bead jewellery including bracelets and lariats, frames, mirrors, assemblage, lamps and box art.

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My happiest childhood memories are of when I was busily gathering bits and bobs together and then making something with them.

I still have the same enthusiasm today as I go in search of my materials, and endless ideas arise from the rich variety of my finds. They lie round every corner, on beaches and building sites, in boatyards, and in barns, gardens and hedgerows; I happen upon them at car-boot and jumble sales, in the occasional shop and sometimes on the streets, and kind friends - and even strangers - provide me with unexpected gems.

I delight in the fact that I can incorporate natural and discarded materials in my work, and make use of abandoned objects, or fragments which have a history : things that were once of significance to somebody somewhere in the world. I am an avid 'treasure-hunter' and I love the element of surprise that comes with it.

It's magic and I have such fun.